Financial Policy

Our mission at Kellogg M.D. Brain and Spine is to provide the best possible care to each patient every day. We have redesigned our processes and billing statements to simplify things so patients are able to focus on their healthcare instead of paperwork.

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Below you will find some frequently asked questions. We hope that these will provide some answers for you. However, it is always good to write your questions down and bring them to your appointment with you so your doctor can address them for you during your visit.


1. How long does it take to schedule surgery if it is needed?
A: It is based on a combination of factors: authorization from your insurance carrier, the doctor's schedule and the availability of the facility operating room. Emergency cases are handled accordingly.

2. Can I shower after surgery?
A: You can shower after surgery, however- NO baths and try to keep the water from hitting the incision area directly.

3. How much should I be walking after surgery?
A: For back surgeries; short walks of 5-10 minutes at a time and as you feel better the walks can be longer.

4. How long should I expect to be out of work after surgery?
A:  This varies according to your case. The physician can answer this better for you.

5. What is the hardware the doctor will be using in my surgery made of?
A: The hardware will depend on the type of surgery you are having, but most instrumentation is made of titanium. As always check with your doctor.

6. When will I be able to drive?
A: This too is determined by your doctor and the type of surgery you are having.
Here are a few examples: For a Lumbar Fusion it can range from 4-6 months. For a Cervical Fusion/ Lumbar Disc/Lami about 3 months.

7. How long will I have to wear this brace?
A: This is patient specific, only the doctor can answer this for you.

8. Are there any general post-op restrictions I need to be mindful of?
A:  NO bending, lifting OR driving. These are common precautions and will each be assessed at your post- op appointment and adjusted accordingly.