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I Need Neck Surgery: What Are My Options?

I Need Neck Surgery: What Are My Options?

Neck pain is a common ailment that affects millions of people each year. Many people can manage neck pain through conservative measures like physical therapy, massage, and injections.

However, if neck pain continues despite your best efforts, it's time to seek expert care from a specialist like Dr. Jordi X. Kellogg at Kellogg Brain and Spine in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Kellogg is an experienced neurosurgeon specializing in neck and back procedures. Dr. Kellogg thoroughly evaluates neck pain and provides several treatment options, including a few surgical procedures to give you long-term pain relief and functionality.

Who needs neck surgery?

Neck surgery is invasive, so it's often the last resort for neck pain treatment. In many cases, a mix of physical therapy, pain medications, and ice or heat manage symptoms enough for normal functioning.

But surgery may be the next step if neck pain continues despite conservative treatments and is affecting your everyday activities. We also suggest neck surgery for people suffering from the following symptoms:

Cervical radiculopathy from a pinched nerve or spinal cord compression from osteoarthritis are two reasons for neck surgery. A herniated disc or bone spurs also form in the neck over time, causing painful symptoms.

If you're dealing with symptoms related to a neck condition or have a vertebral fracture in the neck, surgery might be your best option to improve your life.

Common neck procedures

Various neck procedures are available to help you overcome pain and discomfort related to degeneration or injury. Dr. Kellogg evaluates each person to determine which of the following procedures are best for them:


A laminectomy is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Kellogg removes the lamina from the back of the vertebrae. It's a good option if you have compression of the spinal nerves or the spinal cord.

Dr. Kellogg may also remove ligaments, bone spurs, or protruding discs pressing on essential nerves during a laminectomy.

Artificial disc replacement

If you're looking to relieve pain from a disc that's putting pressure on a nerve, but you don't want a fusion, you could have an artificial disc replacement.

During this procedure, Dr. Kellogg removes the damaged disc from your spine, relieving nerve pressure. He then replaces the disc with an artificial one, which restores movement and function in the spine.

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

An ACDF is similar to a disc replacement, except instead of replacing the disc with an artificial one, Dr. Kellogg fuses the vertebrae using screws and plates.

An ACDF provides stability to the spine and prevents movement that causes pain. However, your neck is less flexible after the procedure.

Cervical foraminotomy

If you have foraminal stenosis, a cervical foraminotomy may be the best option to relieve pain. Dr. Kellogg removes pieces of disc, bone, or the lamina to take pressure off the nerves.

Each type of surgery is unique and provides pain relief for various neck problems like nerve decompression.

Which is right for me?

Every person's neck pain is unique and requires a thorough evaluation by Dr. Kellogg before surgery.

He examines your neck and discusses your symptoms before concluding. He also reviews imaging studies and previous treatments to determine the best route moving forward.

The root cause of your pain is a significant determinant for the type of surgery you require. Sometimes, there's more than one option.

If you're a candidate for more than one type of surgical procedure, Dr. Kellogg provides all the information, including the risks and benefits of each, to help you make an educated decision.

Neck surgery aims to provide significant pain relief, hopefully for the rest of your life. However, it's a big decision you shouldn't take lightly, as risks are involved.

Dr. Kellogg has years of experience performing neck surgery and takes every precaution to ensure you have a positive outcome.

Call Kellogg Brain and Spine today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kellogg for information on neck surgery, or request an appointment on the website.

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