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Neck Surgery Specialist

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Changes in the structure and function of your neck may cause chronic neck pain. When conservative medical care fails to alleviate your pain, you may benefit from neck surgery. At Kellogg Brain and Spine, board-certified neurosurgeon Jordi X. Kellogg, MD, and the team perform neck surgery to address many common causes of neck pain. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Portland or Wilsonville, Oregon, or book online today.

Neck Surgery Q & A

When do I need neck surgery?

Surgery for cervical (neck) spinal disorders is considered when you have failed conservative management that, if indicated based on your examination, may include physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, injections. Indications that surgery may be required include severe, intractable pain and/or neurologic deficits that may cause permanent injury.

Neck surgery treats conditions that compress the spinal cord or nerve root, such as a herniated disc or degenerative conditions that cause bone spurs or thickening of the ligaments.

What are neck surgery procedures?

The team at Kellogg Brain and Spine specializes in neck surgery using many tools and techniques to help you get relief from your neck pain. Neck surgeries they may perform include:

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

During ACDF, the team removes your damaged intervertebral disc and fuses the vertebral bones to stabilize the spine and alleviate pain. 

Artificial cervical disc replacement

Artificial cervical disc replacement, also known as arthroplasty, involves the removal of your herniated disc and replacing it with an artificial disc. 

Cervical posterior foraminotomy

The team performs cervical posterior foraminotomy to treat foraminal stenosis -- narrowing the cervical spine that results in painful nerve compression. 

During the procedure, your surgeon removes a portion of your lamina (covering of your vertebrae), disc fragments, or bone spurs as needed to open the space. Then your surgeon fuses the vertebral bones to stabilize the spine. 


During a laminectomy, your surgeon removes a small section of your lamina to relieve spinal nerve compression. They perform a laminectomy to treat spinal stenosis or a herniated disc.

What can I expect during a neck surgery consultation?

When you visit Kellogg Brain and Spine for a neck surgery consultation, you can expect a personalized and comprehensive exam. The team asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and surgical history, and conducts a physical exam focused on your spine. 

To confirm or rule out the underlying cause of your neck pain, the team may conduct diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans.

After your evaluation, the team reviews their findings with you and your treatment options. Together, you develop a plan to relieve your neck pain.

To schedule your neck surgery consultation, call Kellogg Brain and Spine or book an appointment online today.