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Patient Stories


Testimonial 3

I have been a patient of Dr.Kelloggs for years- I would not trust anyone else.


Testimonial 2

I had two surgeries both fusion on my neck. I have met so many other inpiduals who had fusions done by other doctors and none of them have come out pain free with no other issues following. I like Dr. Kellogg’s mannerism because he is forthright, honest and most of all, matter of fact. This is how it is. So many doctors today skim over the issues and do not do the honest approach. I want the true and the true facts.


Testimonial 1

Dr Kellogg helped me understand what my prospects were to make a good decision. He was patient and listened to all my symptoms and experiences, we went over the MRI and discussed all possibilities and repercussions. He was the 3rd DR I talked to, I felt like I could relax and make a decision. If I need surgery I would definitely go to him. His manner is very caring and gentle, I was able to relax.


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