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Disc Replacement Specialist

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Damage to an intervertebral disc that separates the vertebrae in your spine is a common cause of chronic back pain. Disc replacement is an effective treatment for damaged discs. Board-certified neurosurgeon Jordi X. Kellogg, MD, and the team at Kellogg Brain and Spine perform disc replacement surgery to help many patients get long-term pain relief. To schedule a consultation to learn more about disc replacement, call the office in Portland or Wilsonville, Oregon, or schedule an appointment online today.

Disc Replacement Q & A

What is disc replacement?

Disc replacement, also known as arthroplasty, is a treatment for alleviating neck and/or arm pain due to degenerated or damaged discs with an artificial disc. 

Made of a titanium ceramic composite, the Prestige LP artificial disc replacement consists of a ball on top and a trough on the bottom, replicating the structure and function of your natural intervertebral disc. 

Traditionally, surgeons perform spinal fusion procedures to alleviate symptoms from severely damaged intervertebral discs. However, spinal fusion limits movement and flexibility and may not fully restore your quality of life.

The artificial disc functions just like your natural disc and preserves spinal movement and function.

The surgical experts at Kellogg Brain and Spine perform disc replacement on the cervical and lumbar spine.

Am I a good candidate for disc replacement surgery?

When you visit Kellogg Brain and Spine for a spine surgery consultation, the team conducts comprehensive evaluations to determine the best course of treatment for you. They may consider you a candidate for cervical (neck) disc replacement surgery if:

  • You have neck and/or arm pain from nerve compression
  • You do not have osteoporosis
  • You don’t have any spinal instability

The team usually performs disc replacement on patients with herniated discs causing severe pain that radiates to the arms or legs. 

What happens during disc replacement?

The team performs disc replacement surgery using an anterior approach -- from the front of the body. 

During disc replacement surgery, pressure is taken off the nerve by removing the disc and bone spurs, and the disc is replaced with the Medtronic Prestige LP artificial disc

These surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis or, depending on other health considerations, overnight in the hospital.

Once discharged, the team may refer you to physical therapy for a planned exercise program to restore strength and function to the affected area of your spine. 

Though results vary, most patients experience relief from the chronic neck or back pain within weeks or months of their disc replacement.

Disc replacement relieves pain and restores quality of life for patients suffering from severe intervertebral disc damage. To learn more about the procedure, call Kellogg Brain and Spine or schedule an appointment online today.